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Horizon 2020

Please find attached the June 2014 issue of the Horizon 2020 media campaign newsletter.

We would like to draw your attention to the two short videos produced for Horizon 2020 – links can be found in the newsletter, preview is available on CWS/OUTREACH:

5th EuroPCom conference

The Committee of the Regions is organising the 5th EuroPCom conference on 15-16 October 2014 during which the European Public Communication Award will be handed over to the winner of the European Public Communication CompetitionOn this occasion, the Committee would like you to promote the competition and invite potential candidates to participate.

Please include the following information when promoting the competition:

- The participants in the competition should send information of their successful communication strategies and campaigns which they have participated in over the past year (i.e. after 31 May 2013, max. 2 A4 pages). These short descriptions should include:

- The aim and context of the strategy or campaign

- The main products and actions

- Any partners, timing and budgetary considerations

- An evaluation of the results

- A contact person who would be able to present their case at the next EuroPCom conference

- Particular interest is granted to strategies on the subject of the economic recovery – Europe 2020, EU citizenship, and participation in the EP elections

Proposals must be sent by local, regional or national authorities from EU Member States or candidate member states to (deadline 31 May 2014)

For further information such as the judging criteria please follow the link below:

Please note that the conference secretariat will take care of the travel arrangements of the winner who will be a guest speaker at the conference.

Essere o Sentirsi Cittadini Europei


L’incontro che si terrà il 19 Maggio è promosso dal Centro Europe Direct del Comune di Reggio Calabria in sinergia con il Centro Europe Direct di Gioiosa Jonica ed è organizzato in collaborazione con l’IIS “Raffaele Piria” ed con il sostegno della Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione Europea, ha lo scopo di far conoscere ai cittadini a livello locale l’Europa presente e per discutere sul futuro dell’Europa che desideriamo.

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