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Progetto European Commission Working Simulation
Action 1: Youth for Europe – Sub-Action 1.3: Youth Democracy Projects
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Immagine-168The project will foreseen the following activities:

Start-Up - The partnership will organize a preparatory meeting in Reggio Calabria (October 2013, 2 working days) in which it will discuss and approve the implementation of the project.

Sensibilisation and Selection- This step has the purpose to inform the largest number of young people in order to find the beneficiaries and involve them in the project.

Empowerment- The activity foresee the arrangement of two workshops in each country:

  • Workshop “European Commission”, which will give participants information about the European Union and especially about the European Commission and how it works.
  • Workshop “Main challenge of XXI century, Social inclusion and youth unemployment”. The partners will help the young people to be updated about the European inclusion social policy and about what EU does in favor of the young people, tracing the possible links and possible way to improve it, furthermore the experts will inform the beneficiaries on the national situation

Partecipated Preparationhas the objective to train the young people in order to manage the transnational meeting. The young beneficiaries, with the help of the partners experts, will prepare the presentations about their cities,  they will study the local situation about the 2 issues.

Transnational Meeting -The project beneficiaries from different countries will meet in Reggio Calabria from 8th to 13yh December 2013 for 4 working  days to simulate the work and decision-making procedures of the European Commission on the basis of the legislation envisaged in the Treaty of Lisbon.

This phase will be implemented according to the technique of “learning by doing”, in order to foster a more immediate and interactive learning.

Communication PlanThis phase has the objective to maximize dissemination of the project activities and guarantee the capitalization of the project results. All the partnership will be involved in the communication strategy, but the responsibility will be particularly shared among the Italian promoters.

Monitoring and EvaluationDuring all phases evaluation and satisfaction questionnaires will be administered, in order to ensure a smooth running of the activities and to allow promoters to restructure the project in progress.

Follow-Upevery partner will analyze and promote in its own country the activities carried out and the project results. The main promoter will be also responsible for the establishment of multimedia products about the project and for the creation of a brochure to disseminate the project results among schools, youth groups, universities and local authorities. A public event (conference/workshop/etc.) will be organized during the transnational meeting to present the results of the project. The Eurodesk and Europe Direct networks and blogs will be used to give further visibility not only to ECWS project but also to the whole Youth in Action Programme.

Project co-funded by Youth in Action Programme of the European Union
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