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European Commission
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Progetto European Commission Working Simulation
Action 1: Youth for Europe – Sub-Action 1.3: Youth Democracy Projects
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Immagine-188The overall project objective regards the promotion of the active participation of young people in democratic life and increase their awareness of the European context in which they live.The specific project objectives are:

• Making young beneficiaries (directly and indirectly involved in the project) aware of the European institutions and, particularly, of how the European Commission works;

• Reinforcing their European identity and their comprehension and participation in the mechanisms of representative democracy;

• Increasing their understanding of the European social inclusion policy and making them think how to guarantee a welfare system that doesn’t leave aside disadvantaged groups, in a moment of persistent economic crisis;

• Making them face the issue of youth unemployment and suggest the European Union how to deal with it.

Project co-funded by Youth in Action Programme of the European Union
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